I have been teaching yoga for two years, although I was formally certified at the Asheville Yoga Center in June of 2016. Yoga has been a powerful tool for myself to relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression, and I strongly believe in its power as therapy. Whether you are interested in becoming more flexible, desire a more loving relationship with your body, or need a way to calm your mind, I would be happy to work with you.


Yoga is for every body. No matter your ability, age, or gender, there are appropriate yoga techniques for you. I generally practice vinyasa flow, but am happy to work with you to find the right style and pace for you. Yoga isn’t exclusively a physical practice, but rather offers a variety of tools like meditation, breathwork, and mindful reflection to guide you in marrying your internal and external experiences.

I provide unique yoga sessions in the comfort of your own home. I offer individual sessions, couples' yoga, and small group classes. Small group classes are great for a gathering of close friends, bridal parties, or your family.


  • Individual, in-home, 75 minutes: $40
  • Couples' yoga, in-home, 75 minutes: $60
  • Small group classes, in-home, 75 minutes: $20/student (minimum 3 students)


I also provide prenatal yoga, ranging from a gentle physical practice to relaxation techniques to breathing techniques that can be used in labor. I am happy to offer this as a stand-alone service, or to incorporate it into a birth services package.